Linda Hefferman

writing (& editing): technical books & manuals, essays, articles, stories


Linda leaning on booksA bio of sorts

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A technical writer and editor since 1989, I explain computer stuff to everyday people who use technology for their jobs or for fun, but are not exactly best buddies with their microprocessors.

My first computer manual taught people how to make pretty graphs and charts from project management data using a software program written for the first version of Microsoft® Windows.

Since then I've written help systems and user manuals on such diverse products as Web stores, Flash-based educational Web sites, and customer management software for cosmetic salespeople. I just finished my first title for the For Dummies series and I'm excited to combine my passion for writing with my technical skills to do what I love best: help the average Joe and Jane feel comfortable and confident on computers.

Want to know more? Download a PDF version of my resumé.

Breaking news!

I have gone into business with two other people to form a web development company focused on bringing the best in current web marketing techniques and site building to small and local businesses. Gone are the days when having a website is enough. Now business owners must actively manage and market their services on the web. We build sites that are optimized for search engines right from the start and then we market them (or we teach our clients how to market their sites) using the latest Internet marketing techniques and tools.

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The flip-side

When I'm not trying to clarify technical subjects, I write articles, essays, and stories, of the fictional and non-fictional persuasion. I'm obsessed with music, listening to it and playing it (I've started learning guitar), chocolate (can't write without it), and teenagers (being that I have one, with another one almost there). Check out my publications page to find out more.

I also write and perform non-denominational wedding ceremonies.

Random factoids

My first (still unfinished) work of fiction was a novel about a family crossing the Oregon Trail written in fourth grade. I got the facts of life seriously wrong, which induced a writing block that lasted nearly 25 years.

I spent most childhood summers on a fire lookout in the coastal mountain range of Northern California, wearing cowboy boots and trying not to step on rattlesnakes.

I once spent 28 consecutive hours in a dark room printing black and white pictures for my high school yearbook.

My graduation from college coincided with the birth of desktop publishing service bureaus, at Krishna Copy on University Ave, Berkeley, CA. And my first job out of college was editing and producing custom business writing manuals on the first ever Macs, the ones without the hard drive. (Remember that disk-swapping sound they made? rrrher-err-rrher...)

My second child was born in a small apartment in suburban Paris, France. I now live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband and two boys.

I love dirt and worms so much I want to be buried in a gunny sack instead of a coffin so they can finish me off.

For your reading pleasure...

Read the "The Soundtrack of Motherhood," (PDF) published in Mothering magazine, July/August 2006. (Have patience; this version contains photos, so the PDF may take a moment to load).

Love chocolate? Read Sweet Completion. (Appeared in slightly different form in ByLine magazine, March 2006).