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Expression Web resources

Excuse me for tech-geeking out on this page. It's the Dummies book writer in me coming out, just wanting to help you out!

Microsoft® Expression Web
Official Microsoft Expression Web site, where you can view a demo, watch tutorials, and find out more about the software. Join the Expression Web Discussion Group, and submit bug reports and product suggestions through Microsoft Connect.

Microsoft® Expression Web Team Blog
Microsoft®  Expression Web development team blog. Read the latest about the Expression Web product cycle and submit your comments.

expression web help
Very informative site with general information about Expression Web, tutorials on various aspects of building sites (both written and Flash-based), downloadable templates, a blog, and a community forum.

Extensive information about the Expression suite of products provided by Cheryl D. Wise, FrontPage MVP, and principal of Start to Web. Great source for EW tutorials, news, bug reports, links to sites created with EW, as well as helpful tips for moving from FrontPage to EW.

The Expression Team: Web, Design, Blend
Microsoft Blog for the whole Expression suite of products.

Other resources

W3C World Wide Web Consortium
The collective brain of Web design, whose ultimate goal is to make the Web a user-friendly place. Learn about standards and accessibility, plus get the latest on all Web-related technologies.

W3Schools browser support statistics
View a month-by-month comparison of browser usage and versions.

CSS Zen Garden
Want to see what CSS can do? Check out the premier CSS design site, where you can see several designs using the same content but different style sheets, and find resources for learning more about CSS.

For your reading pleasure...

Read the "The Soundtrack of Motherhood," (PDF) published in Mothering magazine, July/August 2006. (Have patience; this version contains photos, so the PDF may take a moment to load).

Love chocolate? Read Sweet Completion. (Appeared in slightly different form in ByLine magazine, March 2006).