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Expression Web For Dummies is done. . .

cover of Expression Web For DummiesI teamed up with Asha Dornfest (author of Microsoft® Office FrontPage 2003 for Dummies), to write Microsoft Expression Web For Dummies.

This book covers beginning to intermediate skills for building Web sites with Microsoft Expression Web. And since it's so easy to learn standards-compliant Web site building with Microsoft Expression Web, we use the program's features to gently introduce users to understanding the HTML and CSS that make up their Web sites.

. . . and it's GREAT!

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We synthesized hundreds of pages of wisdom from leading writers and Web gurus, boiled it down to a succulent sauce, and threw in some humor for extra flavor. Here's what our technical editor had to say about some of the content:

Just wanted to say bravo! The CSS [coverage] is among the best content I've read in a Dummies book. Really excellent!
— Mike Lerch

See the links page for resources specifically devoted to Microsoft Expression Web and building Web sites.

Thank you, Web designers

When writing this book, I asked professional Web designers to contribute their wisdom and tips to the infamous "Part of Tens" section in Microsoft Expression Web For Dummies. You came through with a plethora of knowledge that will keep our readers busy and learning for months, maybe even years!

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